Finding SIMPLICITY amongst the chaos

Photography has always been a form of therapy for me. In a mind full of ever changing thoughts and feelings, jumping from one idea to the next, photography is my only constant.

For the past 10 years I am someone who has lived with anxiety. Sometimes I have suffered and sometimes I wouldn’t know it was there. Photography has been a wonderful tool to help me manage my anxiety. It gives me a great sense of focus and brings my mind into the present moment. I am grateful for that.

They say the images a Photographer makes is a representation of who they are. Whilst true, I also think their body of work can be a reflection of who they want to be.

Finding Simplicity amongst the Chaos was a street project designed to create a set of images that installed calm, peacefulness and tranquillity within the viewer.  The images taken portray a time when I have felt true freedom from the difficulties the world can give.

Each image has one person, a message to say that we are all on our own journey - we all have our own hurdles. It is in those moments of being alone where we truly get connected to our thoughts and feelings, we process them and learn to manage them.

When I look at these images, I feel connected to my breath and disconnected from the chaos that is constantly in my mind. I connect with a different part of me. A happy me.