Is it time to find your freedom?

Last summer I wrote an article about taking yourself away from the pressures of everyday life and taking time to focus on your artistic aspirations. You can read it here - Do this if you want to be a full time creative. 9 months later I am now about to practise what I preach and go live a life that makes me happy....

 Photo by Mukesh M

Photo by Mukesh M

For the past 9 months I have been saving extremely hard, making money from my day job and earning some side cash from photography and writing. This has all been done with the goal of escaping the daily grind, and being able to do what I love doing the most - exploring and taking photos.

As of today I am both homeless and unemployed. Sure, that is quite a sinister twist on reality, when the truth is I’m about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

My girlfriend and I are going to travel Central America for the next 3 months. Visiting 8 different countries, we will explore a world that we only knew existed through the privilege of Google Maps.

Am I scared? Yes. Will that stop me? Absolutely not!

Quitting my job and getting away from the daily pressure of life has been one of the best decisions I have made. Of course it won’t be forever, there will be a time when I have to return to normality, but I need to experience this kind of life, both for enjoyment and my own personal growth.

Finding Freedom

Freedom is something only a small pool of people get to experience on a daily basis. The rich and the powerful can choose to roam this world in any which way that they want, without too much stress or concern. For many, we have to get through life, taking what little snippets of freedom we can, without having a ridiculous amount of money in our bank accounts.

To me, freedom has always been sought through photography - more so - street photography. Seeing new worlds and meeting new people, all whilst capturing it through my lens - it just makes my body feel loose and my mind feel open.

Life can give us so many distractions. Our smartphones distract us, our friends, our family, our jobs, our daily commutes to work. All these distractions can become tasking on our minds, and in result leave us feeling drained. A consequence of this is that our creative flow can become blocked and we do not produce the art that we are capable of - which is why I want to move away from all of that and really channel my energy on being a productive creative and a good person.

To be able to do this on the other side of the world, without having to worry about money, without having to worry about getting somewhere on time - this is going to really take off the shackles and push me further into being the person I believe I am currently evolving to be. Plus I get to do it with someone I love, right by side....


The Future

In terms of what happens long term - I am unsure right now. I will continue to try source an income through writing and photography, and really try develop that into a career. However, for now I want to focus my energy on being an explorer, and doing what I love with who I love.

After's those little things in life that make this time on earth all worth living…

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