Why you should set huge goals in 2018

Hello and happy new year.

You will read many blog posts like mine as we roll into 2018. Creatives will have found a new dose of inspiration, simply from 23:59 moving to 00:01. There is nothing wrong with that, we have to take the energy from somewhere in order to keep creating content.

I am someone who has been guilty of slacking, and in result not posting on my blog as often as I should. Part of it is life getting in the way or working on other projects, and the other part is me not pulling my finger out in order to produce more.

I am very grateful for this blog. At the very least it has allowed me to improve my writing skills, which has lead to getting commissions from some of the leading media establishments in my country and across Europe. It has also enabled me to connect with people from all over the world, more so those who share the same creative vision and enthusiasm as I do - there is something extremely satisfying about that.

So here I am again, with new years objectives in hand, trying to work towards providing more consistent and creative content for those of you who read this.

Change is good

This blog has mainly revolved around Street Photography. It is my passion and the subject I enjoy writing about the most. However, the more I interact with creatives, the more I listen, I start to understand there are many things connected to the creative mind that I would also like to write about.

As well as writing about photography, I am also going to write about well being and every day steps we can take in our lives in order to further fuel the creative process. For some of you that may seem too preachy, and you may wish to seek your content elsewhere - I get it, sometimes things can be too wanky. However, for many of you I feel you will be able to connect with what I have to say and we can learn, grow and evolve together - I find this a very exciting prospect.


Aim high fail well

I think the above motto makes sense. Maybe it doesn’t? Either way, I am going to run with it.

The point is I found it is useful set high, ambitious goals - maybe even unrealistic goals. The reason for this is that if you work hard, very hard, towards something that is slightly out of reach at a certain point in your journey, what you will achieve will still be something of worth and progression.

Every year since 2013, on the first day of the year, I have sat down and taken time to write down certain targets I want to achieve. Roughly, I achieve about 80% percent of them.

An example of what I mean, can be taken from 2017. On January 1st I wrote “Get your writing published in the number 1 newspaper in the UK (non tabloid)”. I did not achieve this, however I did get published in the 4th biggest, which was a great moment for me. It gave me pride and confidence that I could write and communicate my points of view at an exceptionally high standard.

I am sure many of you have already, but if you haven’t, sit down for 30 minutes and just write down some milestones you want to work towards through 2018.


Just a quick note to those of you on Instagram. Each Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm I publish a guest post on my feed. The motive for this is to make my Instagram more of a community, rather than just a place for me to scream “Please love me”. I have seen it have great success, giving selected photographers a confidence boost and bringing people to accounts they would not necessarily have found. I would love for you to get involved - use #the8pm when posting your content.

That is it from me. I look forward to connecting with you throughout the year of 2018. If you would be so kind, please use the form below to subscribe.

Thanks for reading