Take time to give back to those around you

I must admit, I am often guilty of getting lost in my own world. So focused on who I want to be, I forget to stop and take in the others that are around. Selfish? Yes. Narcissistic? Possibly.

I am a creative after all. I believe I can show the world something nobody else can, and my god don’t I want you to know it. I am not a bad person, I will quite gladly offer you a cuppa and make you a sarnie, but when it comes to being artistic, it can become me me me.

That is not to say I believe that nobody else is as good as me; most are better. I fool myself that I do not have the time to take in anybody else into my artistic mind, and if I did I will only become distracted. But that is not fair now is it? Only prepared to take the admiration of others but not willing to give it back. If I remove my goals and look at my ethics, that is not who I want to be at all.

World Class Photographers

There are a host of wonderful photographers that I admire, yet I never take the time out to tell them. I needed to change this. Hardworking, talented, groundbreaking photographers should know that what I think they are doing is great. Yes we should shoot for ourselves and all that bollox, but let's be honest many of us shoot for the recognition and acceptance for those that practise the same craft as we do. It is human to want to hear a fellow person say “You're doing an awesome job”, it is also awesome to say it to someone else.

In an attempt to ensure I started to share the love, so to speak, I have set time aside in my schedule twice a week to consciously contact photographers and tell them I like their work. That does not mean to say I am saying it to anyone and everyone, I am not about to patronise people - there has to be a genuine interest and admiration on my part in what they do.



The response to this has been great, not only has it given those I have contacted a little ego boost, it has also opened up a dialogue with those I am connected to on social media. Social media can be a mind numbing cycle of “Make post, look at like count”, when it should be a platform for diverse dialogue and cross cultural interaction.

I am speaking to people more about photography, having in depth debate and challenging opinions. I am enjoying it more, I feel more part of a community rather than just another photographer asking the world to love him.

How I use Instagram

I am also doing a guest post each week on my Instagram page (@danginnphoto) as another means to share some of the quality work out there. If you want to be a part of that project, simply use hashtag #the8pm when sharing your content.

I am of the opinion that this individual, dog eat dog approach only limits our own development. The more we connect with those around us, the more we listen, eventually the more we learn. Never think you know better and never think you're inadequate either.

I know many of you will already be adopting this approach, and if you are - You’re an inspiration. And if you are not, take some time to do so, you will only see the benefits.

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