5 things I have learnt since buying the Fuji X-T10

I recently wrote about GOD (Gear Obsession Disordered) and how I was going through a gear crazy stage. Despite going to group therapy, reading self-help books and banning the word GEAR from my life, I am very pleased to say I finally fell off the wagon and bought a new Fuji X-T10.

It is a beautiful camera. It came in the post yesterday, and even though it is September and was given to me by a young bleach blonde dude with tattoos on his neck, it felt like Christmas and he looked like Santa.

I already had my SD card ready and was happy my wish came true when it came with the battery fully charged. So, after spending 24 hours with my new toy, here is what I have learnt.

1 – It is perfect for my pathetic little hands.

My hands would make a primary school girl’s hands look dangerous. Whilst I like the feel of a big camera, it feels quite awkward in my inferior palms. The size of Fuji X-T10 is perfect. The term “like a glove” would not be an understatement, and it syncs so well, it makes my fingers tingle.

2 – It will not be replacing my Nikon.

I am not saying it is a bad camera, first impressions are extremely positive. I just prefer the viewfinder of a DSLR and it cannot compare to the focus speed of my D600.  My mind may change over time, but right now I see me having two cameras, rather than doing a full system transfer.

3 – The weight of the camera is everything I hoped for and more.

One of the driving factors was the hope I could always carry this camera on me. One of the most common pieces of advice any street/documentary photographer gives, is “always have a camera on you”. I just cannot do that with my Nikon D600. The body, combined with a lens, is just too clunky and I often leave it at home. I have been wearing the X-T10 around my neck and forgetting it is even there. 

4 – I need a spare battery.

We all like our home comforts and sometimes we get used to what we know. That is certainly the case with my Nikon, that battery is beast, especially compared to the X-T10. I am one of those people who feels strong when things are fully charged. As soon as that battery starts to decrease, I start to panic as I feel like the fun is soon to be over. The battery started to drain after what felt like 10 minutes (this is not accurate, it just felt this way in comparison), and as someone who can quite happily walk from morning to night taking shots, I will certainly need a backup battery, or two.

5 – It makes me happy.

I love photography. It is my break away from things that I want to break away from. It isn’t all about the materialism, although I think the camera is beautiful and feels like heaven. I take an image and it makes me smile. I hold it in my hand and it makes me feel good. The world can be miserable, and it can be even more miserable when struggling to find things to make it less miserable. The art of photography and the tools that come with it is my positive energy, I take no shame in that. The craft is a part of me, and this new camera is an extension of me.

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Thanks for reading.

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