Photography: How to find inspiration on those uninspiring days.

Those who have been following me know that I was unable to use my camera due to problems in my right shoulder. Thankfully my shoulder has dramatically improved resulting in movement and strength being restored to a more normal level.

With that, the first thing I did was get my camera and go outside to see what I was going to capture. One problem. Everything I saw around me wasn’t really working for me, I couldn't seem to find the interesting within the ordinary. What was meant to be a day of excitement and creativity started as a monotonous group of generic snapshots.

Refusing to quit, I continued to roam around London hoping to find the shot. It was a sunny day, blue sky and wonderful contrast. Then as my eye searched, it eventually latched onto something; shadows.

Around me were these wonderful shapes being displayed in the form of shadows. I took the first shot and then it clicked. Photographers will know that there is something special when you land onto a concept. A burst of energy and enthusiasm runs through the body and mind giving you a feeling like new lease of life. It is what the art is about, excitement and connectivity.

I wasn’t coming away with the best photographs. They were neither ground breaking or aesthetically pleasing, but it was giving me enjoyment and allowing me to contact with my camera. Sometimes we can see any time spent shooting as failure if you don’t come back with something of worth. By worth I mean in the broader sense, something we can show others, something that may get us exposure or credibility. But what it is worth to us as individuals is also very meaningful, for when we can find inspiration in the most uninspiring times we grow as artists, even if the final product is lacking in quality.

What inspires you? How do you pick yourself up from the deep hole of being uninspired? I would love to hear your stories, and see your images. Please comment below or on the social media platforms listed below.

I will do be doing an extra post this week, as on Thursday I am going to Magnum Photography's discussion on documenting style and subculture.

Thanks for reading.

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