Long Exposure: Loving them long time.

God I am hungover. Which could be true at both the time of me writing and the time of you reading, depending on when you put your eyes on this.

So last week I had a real boo-hoo at busting my shoulder. “I can't use my camera” I said as I sobbed into an empty bottle. Then I bought some tools for landscape photography and things got a little better and then I felt a little pathetic when reflecting on my “please feel sorry for me” episode.

So this Saturday I woke up at 5am, got my kit together and set out to do some long exposures. I picked at spot close to London City Airport. It is less touristic and has some great architecture to get those nice landscapes.  

As is often the case, it was a grey morning in London. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for blue skies and big white clouds. There was still scope to play around and make some nice pictures.

As someone who is more associated with street and documentary photography, I am more used to a fast passed you snooze you lose style of shooting. Long exposure is the complete polar opposite, you really can snooze and win.

Once I got my framing done, I opened my shutter then waited. Then waited some more, and some more and some more, only to find the image was under exposed. Great…lets go again.

This was one of the first images I took. It is with a 90 second exposure. I like the effect it has had on the water, but the overall image for me is a tad messy. Too much going on in the frame, it is hard to really be drawn to any one thing. I decided to go to the side of the docs and get some architecture reflecting in the water. 

This image is done with a 2 minute exposure. I love the contrast between the strong brick work and the soft reflections. Out of all the images, this is my personal favorite.

You can't beat a good wide angle shot. Unlike the first image, this one is far less cluttered. I love the movement on the sky and the water, it gives the image so much depth. Out of all the people I have previewed this images to, this has been the post popular.

Once I got used to being patient. I decided to see how far I could take the exposures and to what limits I could push my 10 stop ND filter. I tried a 3 minute exposure and noticed something was not right with the image. It wasn't over exposed, but rather it had flare marks all across it. 

I couldn't for the life of me work out why this would happen. After scratching my head for a little while, I concluded it could be due to light getting through the viewfinder. If anyone knows the actual answer to this, please do comment below as I would love to know.

I enjoyed my morning experimenting with my new equipment. That said, I really cant wait to get better so I can go into the streets again and do what I love the most.

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I am now going to go rest in bed and clear my cloudy head. Until next time, happy shooting. (Happy shooting!? wtf did I just say that)

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