Gothenburg: Swedish Paradise?

Hello, Dan here. I am back again with the next instalment of “Flights Under 50”. If you are not aware already, at the beginning of this year I wanted to see new places without spending over £50 in travel. So far I have visited both Copenhagen and Cologne (you can read about them on this blog, just scroll further down).

So why Gothenburg? £27 for return flights, that’s why. Did cheap travel mean I would land in hell? Or would it deliver a wonderful experience for a great price?

First off, let’s talk Air BnB. This was by far the best stay I have had, ever, in an Air BnB. My host, Emma, offered great conversation, had a lovely clean minimal apartment and two little cats who, other than when you were trying to have your dinner, were a joy to be around. It was the perfect place to relax, which is vital for a photographer who has been walking for miles throughout the day.

I had several locations I wanted to visit within the city, the main being Sjobacka (you can read about Sjobacka in another post I did here) and Lake Delsjon. I started my first day with the aim of doing some street photography. Sadly, this was put on the back burner as it rained all morning. I got one shot on the streets, but had to change my plan when they became virtually empty due to the glum weather.

Instead, I went into the shopping centre and took pictures of products, whilst disrupting the order they were in. It was not the most creative bunch of images, but it killed time and kept my mind focused. Please see the images below, starting with the one and only shot I got of the rainy streets.

 Gothenburg, 2016.

Gothenburg, 2016.

After going back to the lovely apartment for an afternoon nap, I awoke to see the sky was blue and the sun was out. This was perfect, as I did not want to go to such a beautiful lake without it being nice and pretty outside.

It was a 4 mile walk to the lake, which allowed me to explore the city on my way. There is something about using the legs you were given to get you to a beautiful location that makes me feel, well, human. My phone was disconnected, I had my camera in hand and I was exploring new places. This was bliss.

The photos will do it more justice than my words. Before I show you though, I would like to share this one moment with you.

I got to the lake, and it was so peaceful. I was at water level with this wonderful landscape in front of me. Nobody was around, no wildlife could be heard either. It was me, the trees, the water, the blue sky and the sunshine. The world felt like it belonged to me, I felt free. That in itself was worth £27.

For my final day in Sweden, the sun was out again. I took a trip around the city centre and tried to integrate with the locals. As a city centre, Gothenburg is not mind blowing. It is pretty standard and somewhere that isn’t worth visiting twice. However, I managed to get some shots I was happy with.

So would I recommend Gothenburg as a place to visit? Absolutely. The lake alone is worth the trip. You will have to be happy paying around £4 for a small coffee, but with anything, if you box clever, you do not need to be spending a huge amount of food and drink.

If you like your alcohol, it is better to get in a bar or one of the central off licences. Reason being is that the local supermarkets are not authorised to sell alcohol with more than 3.5% alcohol volume. So wine drinkers, be prepared!

I had a great time in Sweden, it will be with me forever as are all my trips.

It is back to sky scanner to find out where I go to next.

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