What getting my work exhibited did for me.

My career in photography is certainly still in its early steps. I am as much developing the craft as I am the business. It is 18 months since I bought my first DSLR and started taking a hobby from a passion to a career path. I do not expect to take the world by storm any time soon, as at this stage of my journey I am more concentrated on perfecting the craft rather than obtaining public recognition.

That said, it is only human for anyone on a journey that aims towards achievement, to want to know that what they are doing is worth it and that they are right to believe that they can become the vision they have in their mind.

I was recently chosen alongside 20 other photographs to have my work exhibited in London through London Photo Festival (www.londonphotofestival.org). Over 500 photographers from around the world put themselves forward and getting selected in the final 20 was a wonderful feeling. The image will be exhibited for 3 months and seeing it up on the wall alongside some great work was a very proud moment.

I am a realist, it will not be a career changing moment, but what it did do is give me validation and the confidence to continue honing the craft and building my profile. You can see the image below. It can also be purchased from my site here and is currently being sold as a limited edition.

 Tube Shoes, 2016.

Tube Shoes, 2016.

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